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Rob Foster studio recital 2016.

Rob Foster 3 years old. Ft. Dodge Newspaper article. Parent, teacher, student.

Rob Foster 3 years old with mom.





Rob Foster has been my son's violin instructor for about a year. My son will begin his freshman year in high school this fall. Rob has been instrumental in preparing my son for the high school orchestra experience. There is a diversity in music that he presents and historical background that explains the music Rob is sensitive in finding the students musical niche and keeping the musician engaged. We found Mr. Foster to be prompt, courteous, and respectful of time. We highly recommend him!

Monica and Bill Sarvis

My daughter started taking from Rob Foster before she entered 3rd grade. Because Rob started playing at such a young age he was able to work with her age and level. He never rushed her but was still able to motivate her to want to learn. It has been over a year now and she is doing wonderful! She can read music and play very well. I love that Rob can come to the house and work around our hectic activity schedule. He is also very flexible and understanding if we ever need to cancel. We are so proud of how far Carrington has come and she could not have done it without Rob!

Julie Palmeri Shawnee Kansas

Our 16-year-old son Zach has been taking violin lessons from Rob for two years. Not only has his playing ability dramatically increased, but we have also seen a noticeable improvement in his passion for the instrument and overall confidence level. In addition, because of lessons he now has had the opportunity to perform solo pieces in competitions and during his high school orchestra concerts as well.

Julie and Alan Terrell


I received violin and viola lessons in Overland Park, KS, trained on the Suzuki method, early in my life. Classical based method violin and viola lessons teach respect for yourself, the composer, and the teacher. It teaches attention to detail, good technique, and self-discipline. I try to instill all of those things in my students. I teach them to sight-read and to play by ear. It is important to learn how to play but it is also important to learn not only what to practice but how to practice. I teach different techniques that will help them be more productive at home in the practice room.

I also feel that learning about non-classical music is very beneficial.  There are things like playing by ear and improvising that are hard to learn just teaching only through the classical method.  We also work on non-classical music as well. 

Another thing that I think is very important is training for adult life. Sometimes I have students that are not going to become a symphony player. I feel it is my job to also teach life skills like not making excuses, time management, self-esteem, and self-discipline. We talk about those things too.

In the Suzuki teaching method, they require the parent to be at all the lessons. They see these lessons as a three-part team. Teacher, Student, Parent. The parent literally has a violin and is playing along with the student. The benefit of this is that when the student goes home, the parent can help the student practice. It is the ultimate ideal situation. The student has an assistant teacher at home with them. I cannot demand that of my students' parents, but I do encourage the parent to be as involved as possible or to sit in and watch the lesson if they would like. I like to have a short parent-teacher conference after the lessons to keep the parents up to date. The kids will never admit it, but they do want their parent to be interested and supportive of what they are doing.