Private Lesson Studio Curriculum
By Rob Foster 
What you have here is a listing of the types of concepts and lessons I take my private students through in order to train them to become great, well-rounded musicians.   The thing to remember about this is that each lesson listed might be a couple weeks a piece or more.   Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and it is up in the air week to week if the student should review or move on.   This whole cycle is always an ongoing process of refining and perfecting, review is your friend.   This curriculum is a step by step process from beginner (typically elementary), to intermediate level (typically high school age).  The first section will go pretty much in the order you see here.  When we get to the Suzuki books, the technique, and the improvisation, we might go a little out of order depending on the progress of the student, but we will be going through everything you see here at some point.  These lessons and techniques listed are not all of the techniques they will learn but here are a few.  If you have any questions or comments about this curriculum I would be more than happy to discuss it.
I.   Learning about music
1. Learn play position and rest position, Learn parts of the instrument, musical alphabet, names of strings
2. Introduce the instrument      (How to hold it, pluck open strings, learn D, G, A major scales)
3. Pluck Twinkle, Twinkle little star         
4. Call and Answer       (Learning to play by ear)
5. Introduce the bow (How to hold it, Bow grip)
6. Twinkle (Play with the bow)
7. Learn where notes are on the staff
8. Sheet music         (Start on Suzuki Books)
II.     Suzuki/Classical Technique
1. Start working through the Suzuki books
2. Sheet music symbols         (Ritardando, Repeat signs, 1st and 2nd ending, Fermata, Grace notes, Trills, Tremolo, Articulation markings, Dynamics, etc...)
3. Time signatures       (4/4, 2/4, 3/4, 6/8, and more...)
4. How to practice 10x right, Practice slow, Practice parts of your music (Practice tips)
5. Subdivision
6. Vibrato
7. Spiccatto
8. 3rd position
9. Treble Clef (Viola)
III.   Improvisation and Non-Classical music
1. Call and Answer          (Student plays back the same as I play and or different from what I play)
2.  Music Genre's Listening lesson          (Listen to examples of different genres Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Funk, Latin)
3. Improvisation drone         (Jam on one chord)
4. Improvisation                  (Jam on two chords)
5. Theory lesson                (I bring in keyboard and we learn about chords)
6. Write a song in lesson with me        
7. Blues Scale  (Improvising over a scale)
8. Learn how to make a solo
9. Play through jazz tunes on bass notes
10. Learn some easy jazz tunes   (Avalon, All of Me, Bye Bye Blackbird, Foggy Day, etc....)
11. Listening lesson    Different violin players      (Stephane Grappelli, Sugarcane Harris, Ricardo Herz, Regina Carter, etc....)
12.Electronics lesson        (Pick ups, Electric Violin, Amps, and Sound Effects)
13. Listening lesson    (How to play simple)