KC Music Talk

These are episodes from my show KC Music Talk.  This is an interview show where I interview different musicians and teachers.  We talk about topics ranging from how to motivate students, what is your role in a band, and what are some helpful pieces of advise for struggling musicians.  These are links to those videos up on YouTube.  I have had many great conversations with many musicians over the years and I wanted to record them and share them with the world.  I think there is some great information that these people can share and I hope you can find some answers to some tough musical and teaching questions.  Come check them out!

#1 Interview with Diana Foster: Family Bands, Motivation, Suzuki

#2 Interview with Greg Ward: Role in a band, Motivation of a band, Bass playing

#3 Interview with Paul Greenlease: Open Jams, Band expectations, Your role in a band

#4 Interview with Victor Penniman: Medieval music, Academia, Working musicians

#5 Interview with Brian Ruskin: Playing different styles, Being a band leader

#6 Interview with Jim Kent: Bass Playing, Gigging in the Northeast, Addiction

#7 Interview with Tom Demasters: Working Musicians, Instrument Insurance

#8 Interview with Chris Lewis: Writing Music, Being a Band Leader

#9 Interview with Tim Andreas: Drummers, Heavy Metal

#10 Interview with Joe Pruessner: Orchestra Playing, Gigging

#11 Interview with TJ Erhardt: Piano, Improvisation

#12 Interview with Steve Andrew: Running a Band, Open Jams

#13 Interview with Phil Chiarelli: Professional Musicians

#14 Interview with Dave Hays: Club Owners, Open Jams

#15 Interview with BJ Englehardt: Theatre, Youth Choir

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