Open Jams in KC

Open jams are so fun!  There are many of them around the Kansas City area.  Some of the open jams in town are some of the last great traditional music around.   They give upcoming musicians a chance to meet people, meet other musicians, and play in front of peope to get known! I would not be as known in town as I am without them.  I am very greatful that these guys are still running them.  I encourage everyone to come out and listen, and musicians to come out when your ready to show your stuff and learn!   
Open Jams change house bands, move venues, or disband all the time.  I would call down to the bar to make sure the jam is still running.


2-6   Knuckleheads Saloon          Blues   Levee Town

7-11 Firehouse Bar and Grill        Blues  Dave Hays Band



7-11 Blue Room                        Jazz    



7-11  The Phoenix                    Jazz     Mark Lowrey

8-12  Llywelyn's Pub                  Blues   Dave Hays Band

9-12  Westport Saloon              Blues     Coyote Bill



9-12  Jerry's Bait Shop             Rock     Troubadors Retrievers

8-12  The Levee                      Rock     Brandon Miller Band

9-12  Westport Saloon             Bluegrass

8-11  Californos                      Jazz     Eddie Moore 

7-11  Joe Standards                Blues  



9-12  Westport Saloon            Country

7-11  Firehouse                      Blues

7-11  Dirty Harry's                  Blues



1-5am  Mutual Musicians Foundation           Jazz     



1-6  Knuckleheads Saloon       Blues     Billy Ebling

2-6  BB's Lawnside BBQ           Blues     Mama Ray

2-6  Danny's Big Easy             Blues

1-5am  Mutual Musicians Foundation           Jazz