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I was trained in a traditional Classical method.   Traditional classical training promotes good technique, respect for your composer, and a high standard of excellence.  All of these things I agree with.   Traditional Classical music and the training is an big part of my teaching.  I train the students to be able to sight-read music, and to play by ear.   The student will practice on their own during the week outside of the lessons.   I teach the student important practice techniques that can increase their productiveness when practicing meaning I will make them better practicers.   This is the only way to improve your skills as a musician.   I have played many different types of music and I feel that there is validity and unique attributes that can be learned when you study many kinds of music.  Just like in school, we don't send our kids to only 7 math classes everyday, we want a well rounded education with the student dabbling in all subjects.   The same applies to music.   

I also believe there is a special empowerment that a person feels when they create their own music.   You can "write" music in a number of different ways;  playing a solo in a rock or jazz band, writing a full song, or improvising on the spot.   This is one of the aspects of music that is missed in our present day classical world and it is impossible to work on in orchestra with 80 other kids there.    You connect to the music in a different deeper way.   I think writing is an extremely important part of music that builds self-confidence in a more internal way.   

Another thing I find that is my job as a teacher is training as a person.  I find that many of the musical concepts I work on with students are linked to life skills like self-confidence, self-discipline, not making excuses or knowing when to listen and not talk.  Usually when a student is having trouble with a musical problem, I find more often then not it is rooted in a non-musicial problem like self confidence, or excuses, or laziness etc.  These are some of the life lessons that are not neccessarily music related, but they dramatically effect a music lesson and the students playing ability.   We talk about things like that too.

The last thing that I think is really important for the student is parent involvement.  This is a 3 part team, Teacher, student, parent.  The student will have some great self-esteem because they have support at home.  And imagine if the student could have a assistant teacher at home with them.  That is a recipe for success.  I try to do my best to do a mini conference after every lesson to let the parents know what is going on.  


Rob Foster has been my son's violin instructor for about a year.  My son will begin his freshman year in high school this fall.  Rob has been instrumental in preparing my student for the high school orchestra experience.  There is a diversity in music that he presents and historical background that explains the music.  Rob is sensitive in finding the students musical niche and keeping the musician engaged.  We found Mr. Foster to be prompt, courteous, and respectful of tme.  We highly recommend him!

Monica and Bill Sarvis


My daughter started taking from Rob Foster before she entered 3rd grade.  Because Rob started playing at such a young age he was able to work with her age and level.  He never rushed her but was still able to motivate her to want to learn.  It has been over a year now and she is doing wonderful!  She can read music and play very well.  I love that Rob can come to the house and work around our hectic activity schedule.  He is also very flexible and understanding if we ever need to cancel.  We are so proud of how far Carrington has come and she could not have done it without Rob!

Julie Palmeri  Shawnee Kansas


Our 16 year old son Zach has been taking violin lessons from Rob for two years.  Not only has his playing ability dramatically increased, but we have also seen noticable improvement in his passion for the instrument and overall convidence level.  In addition, because of lessons he now has had the opportunity to perform solo pieces in competitions and during his high school orchestra concerts as well.  

Julie and Alan Terrell


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Any Age or ability level

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30 or 60 min lesson depending on students ablility level

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