Dirt Grass Canyon

  The Dirt Grass Canyon is a country/rock band in the Kansas City Area.  They play new and old country as well as classic rock, bluegrass, blues, gospel and some other crowd favorites.  Scott Lane is a wonderful guitar player, a great singer and he also brings a hilarious sense of humor to our group.  Rob Foster is a violin player and brings his own unique jazz/classical style to help fill in the sound.  Greg Ward is a wonderful bass player in town from Austin, Texas.  He is our sound man.  He has lots of talent, experience, and wisdom to add to the rhythm section.  Jerry Riccardi is a professional drummer in town.  He has a wide variety of beats, ability, and training that helps us not just sound like a typical country band. Come out and have some fun with us!


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Places we have played

Frank James Saloon

Old Shawnee Pizza

Kanz's City Pizza and Burgerz

Wild Bill's  Rulo, Nebraska

Roadhouse  Warsaw, Mo

Dickie Doo's   Sedelia, Mo

Jake's Place Bar and Grill

Wil Jenny's

Paddy O'Quigley's

Llywellyn's Pub

Dodge City Distilery

The Hideout

Time Out Lounge

Eagles Hall

The Matchbox